Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"To Cheat or not to be cheat"

Cheat is a person that fools other, or tricks other to get something. It is such a short way that is easier for them to get or achieved their targets. Should cheating in examination be taken as a serious offense? Actually, should be taken as a serious offense. Don't be cheating in the examination, is the one example of policy or rules in the most university. Most of the students like to cheat in examination without think about the effect on it. Cheating will be a crime if you are caught cheating in examination. You can be expel from the examination and repeat the subject again or you can be expel from university, it is depends on the university's rules. Imagine that you as a student are caught cheating....all eyes on you, yours tied tongue, caught cheating in front of the whole class-what an embarrassment, everyone know that you are  cheating!! For me, it is better not to be cheat. Try to trust yourself that you can do that.

So,don't try to be cheat, one day you going to be caught! watch out!!

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