Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"To Cheat or not to be cheat"

Cheat is a person that fools other, or tricks other to get something. It is such a short way that is easier for them to get or achieved their targets. Should cheating in examination be taken as a serious offense? Actually, should be taken as a serious offense. Don't be cheating in the examination, is the one example of policy or rules in the most university. Most of the students like to cheat in examination without think about the effect on it. Cheating will be a crime if you are caught cheating in examination. You can be expel from the examination and repeat the subject again or you can be expel from university, it is depends on the university's rules. Imagine that you as a student are caught cheating....all eyes on you, yours tied tongue, caught cheating in front of the whole class-what an embarrassment, everyone know that you are  cheating!! For me, it is better not to be cheat. Try to trust yourself that you can do that.

So,don't try to be cheat, one day you going to be caught! watch out!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A positive thing that I'm going to do during the mid-semester break is..

Mmmmm...actually, it is all about going to do the assignment, laboratory report and study during the mid - semester break. But, before doing that..I think the first thing that I need to do during the mid semester break is rest. Don't want think about works for a while, because I was planning to come back home late due to do the Principle of Programming (C++) assignment. It is seem like difficult to do the assignment alone at home, so I prefer to do that assignment with my friend. Furthermore, for me to do the all that works at home during the break need some spirit. This is because the lazy behavior to do the works during the break is quite difficult to control, hee.. So, enjoy for a several day..then after that I will proceed to study and do the laboratory report and assignment. That is the planning..but sometimes when I'm at home, it is always like over-enjoy until I forget about my works,lalala... If that is happen during this break, I need to come back to MICET earlier. If not, all the assignment and laboratory report cannot be done..huh!

simPle n fiNger-linkiN' meat cocoons...

Here I love to share with you some of the most dish that I like the most. Actually, in Malay, it has been called pegedil meat ball. The meat cocoons named by my younger cousin who had been severely influenced by Animal Planet and Discovery Channel.  This dish is very simple to made and you may even made it at the hostel using rice cooker.

Here comes the recipes :

Ingredient needed ( 4 people ):

  • 5 seed potatoes - cut into wedges and fry it for 5 min
  • 2 large scoops of grounded beef - depends on  you to put how much...[ for me, the plentiful is a pleasure =) ]
  • 1 large onion - diced
  • coriander leaves ( daun sup ) - finely sliced
  • black pepper powder or seed  [ I am suggesting a seed of black pepper where it opening appetite .]
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1 chicken egg - beaten
Procedure (^_^) :
  • mash the fried potatoes before being added with the grounded beef coriander leaves and diced onion
  • put black pepper powder and salt
  • scoop some dough, insert the black pepper seed (optional), form a round and flatten slightly
  •  heat the oil, dip the flatten dough in the eggs and fry until golden brown
  • ready to serve (^_^)
Note: Do not regularly stir the newly inserted dough in the frying pan which it will be scramble up in the immersing oil. Others, flip the dough with small spoon to reduce the potential of being scrambled. Happy trying. Maybe it makes you sweat a little bit(~.~"), but the result is worth it.

Why election is important...

For me, election is all about selection. The right selection will bring happiness or otherwise, it wills just becoming horrible. The right election will provide the right path to bring those resurrection issues to be discussed on the higher level and it is important for student to elect so that their voice is clearly heard of. Thus, the selection do create the laws that impact every aspect of voters’ lives; from student issues in campus such as parking and other facility problem, beside to increasing the minimum wage to protecting the right to vote. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

GREAT LEADERS are not born, they are made.

           Leader?, what are leader means?. Leader is a person that  lead a group of people to achieve the objectives of the group. For centuries there are debates on either the great leaders are born or been made. But in our opinions, the leaders are been made, not born

 Leader need to show the good examples for his/her followers

            Actually the word of made is suit to be replace with 'train' as it sound a bit weird  for human being. Besides that, an individual can make improvements or sharpen the leadership skills through many programs that have been organized by governments or non-government. The idea on leader are born not been made is not very much accepted as if one day there is no leader are born among us, are we will live without a leader?. The answer is of course not. Just imagine for example, the ships boarding at the sea without a captain, how on earth the ship crew will determine their aim and destination?. One things for sure, the chaos situations are failed to avoid.


'Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.' --Vince Lombardi

'The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born -- that there is a genetic factor to leadership. This myth asserts that people simply either have certain charismatic qualities or not. That's nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.' --Warren G. Bennis

Always ready to take any risk is one of the leader responsibility

              Even the famous and great philosophers mentioned that leaders are been made, not born. Actually, it can deny that someone has born with extra leader characteristics than others, but this behavior and skills can be polish and develop so that we will not face the problem that have been stated above. In conclusion, based on the point given, great leaders are made, not born.

Before and after watching the Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa film

The logo

          To be honest, when first time I heard about Merong Mahawangsa, I'm not really sure who he is although his name sounds quite familiar to me. Before watching it, I thought that this film might be just the same with others Malay film which their trailer and rumors are superb but after watching it, there are not that great. In order to complete my final tasks of blogging for technical communication subject, I've then made a decision to watch it besides the gossip and rumors that attract my attention why a Pan-Asian actor got the starring role (Stephen Rahman Hughes) for Malay history film?.

The pirate nation of Geruda wish to be the greatest empire in Southeast Asia

The pages of Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

 Kesum and Embok that lit Merong grudge towards Geruda


          My overall comment for this film is, the best Malay film I've ever watch. There is no need to make a comparisons between our local film with outsider such as Pirates Carribean or The Lords of Rings as obviously there are winner and so much things need to be improved in this Merong film. It is not an easy task to make an epic historical film but then, this film give a different views on its storyline and Malays quality film as the computer generated imagery, CGI effects and all those thing are good and match with the cost of RM8million!. Fuhh..KRU studios are really rich..haha.

Enough with all compliments, as any single things in this world has the pro and contras, so do this film.
  1. Although the CGI effect was good, but some parts in this film especially in war seems not real as the scattered blood was clearly seen edited by using computer. I believe if the cost was added to another 6 to 7 million, this mistake might be covered. But Yusry(the film director) no need to worries as this lack did not deface the excitement on this film.
  2. Is a bit weird when the dialogues between princess Meng Li Hua(Chinese Princess) and her hand maiden, Ying Ying was in English. Why not they just use Mandarin for their communication and give the english translation?. Basically, we are tend to speak our language rather than other language when we are in the group of same race. 
  3. As we know, Stephen Rahman Hughes not a malay and can't speak malay very well. Due to this reason, when he speaks malay in this film, some of it sound a bit funny as the slang of english and malay language was there. It seems that Merong  as a malay warrior in this film, more fluent speaking in english rather than malay!..haha

    The main poster of The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines (Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa)

     The Rom Prince in searching of sailor which can help him arrived safely in Malay Peninsula

     The original handwritng manuscript of Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa 
    that been keep safely in Kedah Museum 

                In conclusion, this film was good. The lackness and mistake can be improved and honestly I think that this film was a pioneer to produce more good movies in future in Malaysia.  

    The Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa trailer


    Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa soundtrack-Sedetik Lebih by Anuar Zain

    Saturday, February 19, 2011

    A gifts for her...~~

    ~ A gift to her~ 

    Guys, are you still thinking about the gift for your girl?? Here, there are gifts for her that are wonderful yet not too expensive but thoughtful for her. Want to try it??? Let's have a look first...

    1. Love notes

    It is a simple but looks encumbering for a boys. And these kind of junkie for boys, being a powerful medicine for girls rather than a diamond. Believe me, its working almost all the time. I am suggesting boys to give love notes for their girls based on boys talent. For example, at my school before, there is a guys making a mammoth bouquet of paper roses to his girl. Amazingly with their name in every petal on each roses. Hurmm, I thought everyone, in that time, wanna be the boys girl. Aren't you?..Me? Sure is=). Here, there are some secret that I want to share with boys. When a girls get touched by boys word or actions, they wont find things that boys bought for them. They will find loves notes or messages that reminding them how care and love the boys to her first. Girls right?? So, think on your own what your girls love and make something on the way to carve your name in your girls heart. Happy trying.  

    ^ Origami love notes ^

    2.    Flowers
    Say it, I love U ~~

    It such a good gift when you want to say sorry or want to congrats your girl or to confess your love. Make sure know what types of flower that she likes!!

    3.    Perfume

    Love it!! Beauty also~~

    It is a perfect gift for celebrating birthday, 
    but not for every year,;)

    4.    Teddy bear

     Love me, love my Teddy Bear (^_*)

     ~ A little cutey teddy ~ 
    This gift is a cute gift that can make your girls thinking about you when you are far each other. But it is depends on girls, certain girls they don't like it!

    5.    Rings / necklace

    Couple rings ~~

    Not all women like to wear it, but it does can give some meaning to her when you give it.

     You're Mine!!

    6.    A song 

    Choose one song as a theme for your love, 
    a song that you like to hear together with her. 
    A song that can describe your love to her can 
    make her think and feel warm with your love.

    7. A set of lunch box that you cooked by yourself

    Will you lunch with me??~

    Surprise!! You ask her to lunch with you, 
    but suddenly she saw that you bring a set of 
    lunch  box for her to lunch together. 
    So romantic, it show how much you're seriously in your relationship with her.

    A cute of lunch box~~dosirak!!

    David beckham about giving gifts: 
    " If you love someone, you want to treat them, 
    surprise them, and remind them how you feel, 
    whether that means a weekend away somewhere, 
    or a bowl of fruit in the morning laid 
    out in the shape of a heart. 
    I know Victoria thinks I'm romantic like that."

    But the types of gift that you want 
    to give to her is depends on the types of your girls. 
    Not all girls have the same taste, 
    watch out and find it! 
    You will get the clues what types of things that 
    your girls most interested and 
    find the best action to express your love =)
     Good luck, have a nice day with your lover(^_*)

    ~ Lots of love ~